Our Story

Cardboard Creations ltd. was started up by two brothers, Craig & Cormac Berkeley.

With over 20 years experience in design between them, they are on a mission to design and build eco friendly sustainable alternatives for flat packed lightweight event props.


Cormac Berkeley - Director - Structural design

Meet Cormac, our structural designer and co founder of Cardboard Creations.The first thing to know is that Cormac will always have something on the go, building or thinking up his next project, This can range from anything from go karts, treehouses, planes, camper vans and even straw houses.

After completing a degree in industrial design and eventually progressing into CAD software and 3D computer modelling, Cormac found himself right where he needed to be in 2014 landing himself a job as a structural engineer working for a company designing and manufacturing displays & props.

Cormac's experience and qualifications are vital to the success of cardboard creations being able to take its ideas from paper concepts to the shelves.

Craig Berkeley - Director - Graphic design 

Craig has a keen interest in graphic design and digital media.

Holding a H.Dip in Digital media design, he also has over 10 years of retail and management skills managing Jam Music Company, a small industrious music shop and school in Naas, Kildare. 

These skills have been a key component to the continued success and smooth operations of cardboard creations. 

Craig also works as a free lance graphic designer and some of his work can be found on his behance page https://www.behance.net/craigberke5c74.

With a wealth of experience designing logos, business brandings, shooting videos and creating advertisements; he has really enjoyed bringing cardboard to life with interesting prints.


How our products are made


All of our creations are made from a heavy duty gloss coated cardboard, which means they can be used multiple times, it is splash resistant and lightweight but when folded it can hold an incredible amount of weight.


Our creations are all made from recycled material, Paper and cardboard pulp is pressed into large sheets and our machines then cut out the shapes we need to produce our creations. Our cardboard sheets are also fully recyclable. they can even be recycled in a normal domestic bin.